Traditional marketing strategies and tactics no longer make the grade. We created Perpetual Studio to respond to the most common complaints from marketing pros as well as from our clients. As a division of Sparkpr, our team brings together like minds with diverse backgrounds to perpetuate relevance for the brands we work with.


Tobin Trevarthen
Chief Narrative Officer


Marco Iannucci
Head of Strategy

Alexa Alioto Content Director

Alexa Alioto
Content Director


Walter Kuhn
Creative Director


Linda Chung
Broadcast & Media



Our Services

No matter what we’re working on, our goal is to ensure that our work melds with your company ethos and objectives. We’ll push you out of your comfort zone, but only in pursuit of stronger ideas and better outcomes.  



Some things never change.  Strategy has always hinged on understanding your relationship with your audience and your category.  Let’s find the key messages that resonate first and go from there.

 Brand   |   Product   |   Product  |   Go-To-Market

Content Marketing

Get attention from the people who matter with content that keeps them engaged. We create polished, informative content. Then we track the impact it’s having on your business.

Copywriting   |   Social/Digital   |   Campaigns   |   Analytics & Reporting


A digital world is a visual world. Our creative work puts your brand message in a pretty (effective) package.

Websites   |   Brand Identity   |   Videos   |   Collateral

Broadcast Expertise

You don’t have to be a movie star to get in front of the camera. We give execs and companies the chance to shine by matching them with the right opportunities.

Executive Visibility   |   Media Relations   |   Coaching   |   Video Content


Judging where markets are headed has never been harder, and the rate of change is accelerating. Competition is intensifying in all sectors. Nothing is more important than staying ahead of industry trends, but getting there requires a battery of new – and old – skills.

Market Research   |   Ethnography   |   Futures |   Thought Leadership